About Aventura

Aventura is a small chamber choir based in Denmark, with around
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dedicated singers.

Our strength lies in the versatility and musical intimacy found only in small choirs. We are ordinary people with jobs and families; we work hard at rehearsals, but don't spend a huge amount of time practising in between.

Dorte Klingenberg Iversen is our conductor. She has a diploma in choir- and ensemble conducting from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and has trained under Morten Schuldt-Jensen, among others.

The choir has two facets: The Aventura Chamber Choir and the Aventura Medieval Choir. While the chamber choir performs regular choral music, the medieval choir presents a complete theatrical act with costume, instruments, and dancing to complement the singing.

The Aventura Chamber Choir The Aventura Medieval Choir

Our repertoire is all-embracing, most importantly: